Our mission, share facts about energy saving options:

The Cause Behind Our Mission:


I was an over the road trucker for over 20 years, who tried so many products and heard so many lies about what to do to reduce our electric bills. I retired from trucking and started researching and testing energy saving products. I was surprised to find similar savings with products that cost $100s as those that cost $1000s. Here's an example, a $60 hot water timer saves the same as a solar hot water system that costs $4500. It made me so angry I wanted to warn everyone, so I created  the radio show "Bee Energy Smart Today" on WFLA 540 AM Orlando an Iheart radio show. Knowledge is the KEY to saving money, we know what works and how well. We're not intimidated about telling the whole truth, some don't like the truth being told because it cuts their profit  margins. This is what separates us from other companies, it's not always about the profit margin but about doing the right thing. Even if you don't choose us you'll know the facts. We gladly share the facts with everyone over the phone. No salesperson will enter your home.