best Insulation service in polk county

US Department of Energy: Florida homes need 10 to 16 inches or R-30 to R-49 of insulation. Most central Florida homes have less than 6 inches. FACT: Builders hire the lowest bid contractors to keep cost down, then that insulation contractor fluffs in as little as possible to pass code and doesn't insulate garage. Code is the least amount a builder can put in by law. You need more insulation to protect your home & ducts from heat & rodents. That keeps you more comfortable, lowers electric bills, helps your A/C system last years longer.

BEST Energy vs other insulation companies? It's simple we GUARANTEE lowest price, we inspect and repair duct work and we tell how many bags we're going to install. It takes us about 3-6 hours and you'll see and feel the difference immediately. Other insulation companies don't inspect or repair duct work, they don't tell how many bags they're going to put in and are gone in 30 minutes. Best Energy does so much more for less. PERIOD! Most of our customers are referrals from other happy customers, read our reviews.

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On the back of all insulation bags it tells you how many bags you need for the protection you want. If an insulation company quotes by inches or R-value and WON"T tell you how many bags are going into your attic DON'T hire them.