US Department of Energy says Florida homes need 10 to 16 inches of insulation. Florida homes don't even have the minimum. Properly applied attic insulation protects your ductwork from both heat and rats and squirrels, preventing holes and wasted A/C. To bring a home up to the minimum R-30 or 10 inches it's cheap about .50 cents per sf. You need more then just the minimum for maximum savings and protection. 


CAUTION: Other insulation companies only bring it up to the MINIMUM of an R-30. 

Example: A 2000 sf home, they use 10-15 bags and are gone in 30 minutes, no inspection no repairs. For around the same money we add 20-25 bags and we inspect your ducts for leaks and fix minor damage. It takes about 3 hours and you'll see and feel the difference immediately.