US Department of Energy says Florida homes need 10 to 16 inches of insulation. 90% of Florida homes only have 2 to 6 inches or none. Properly applied attic insulation protects your duct work from heat, rats and squirrels, preventing holes and wasted A/C. It's inexpensive to bring a home up to the minimum R-30 or 10 inches. For maximum savings and protection get our radiant barrier. If you add our solar attic fans you get a $500 Federal tax credit.


CAUTION: No one does what we do, PLEASE! watch these videos so you don't get scammed. 

Other insulation companies only put in 10-15 bags in a 2000 sf home and are gone in 30 minutes, no inspection no repairs. We add 20-25 bags and we inspect your ducts for leaks and fix minor damage. It takes about 3 hours and you'll see and feel the difference immediately. Our ALL 5-STAR reviews from over 100 happy customers is our proof.

PLEASE, watch very important

We GUARANTEE to put in the most insulation and we GUARANTEE to do it at the lowest cost $.50 to $.65 per SF. We also inspect your duct work for leaks and fix minor damage, "FREE". Always get in writing the bag count they are charging to be put in.

97% reflective, lifetime warranty

We install radiant barrier for only $.60 per square foot. A 1500-SF home  costs $900 or 2400-SF home costs $1440. We know companies charging as much as $7000 and have invoices customers gave us to prove it. Please,  research and verify for yourself.

Get 30% Federal tax credit

U.S. Sunlight 30-watt solar attic fans sell for $495 plus shipping. We sell one for $400 or two for $700. + tax. We don't install them, average installation cost is around $150 for one $200-$250 for two. These qualify for up to $500 Federal tax credit.